It's All About Families, It's All About Fun, It's All About Fishing
It's All About A Great Vacation At Vacation Trailer Park.
  • Jordan with a Big Fish
    The Lowe Family at
    Vacation Trailer Park
  • Here is the "Had ta Hav" fishin team ... My dad,
    John Boring, and brother, Bill Boring, have permanent
    lots in your park and Jay Durling used to but moved up
    there across the road from you.

    My son Cody caught these fish during the tournamant.
    We had a lot fun staying at lot 66 and fishing.
    Thank you for helping us enjoy our time togeher.
    Bob Boring

  • Sleeping Bear Dunes
    Fall Catch on the Betsie
  • The Coronna Football Team
    Registration ...
  • Fun on the river !
    Wading through the shallows
  • Oh no ... a traffic jam
    Enjoying the river
  • Kristen with her catch
    Cody lands a big one !
  • A nice one ...
    Dave DeMott and his 20 lb - 8 oz
    King Salmon
  • A contest winner brown trout
    15 lb. - 2 oz.
    Doug Trump and his 23 lb 8 oz
    King Salmon
  • Fun in the pool !
    Bob Boring and his family catching some
    big fish during a visit to the area.
  • That's a nice one !
    ... and so is that !!
  • Splashing in the pool
    Let's go shopping !!
  • This is Doug Trump of Columbus, Ohio
    with his 23 lb. 8 oz. King Salmon
    he caught on 10/9/2011.
    Winter in the park
  • Just a little snow
    Dave DeMott caught a 20 lb. 8 oz. King
    Salmon on the Betsie River in the third
    week of September.
  • This is the largest brown trout caught
    from the Betsie River in our trout contest,
    weighing in at 15 lb. and 2 oz.
  • A relaxing moment on the river ...
    This fish is a 25 lb King Salmon
    caught on 9/30/2011 by Paul Allender.
    It is now leading in our contest !
  • This is Ryan and his 24 lb 9 oz
    salmon. Ryan is the grandson of one of the
    campers at Vacation Trailer Park and
    will be leaving for another tour in
    Afganistan very soon ...
    No description

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